Wine Tasting Classes


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With decades of experience in teaching people of all levels at all walks of life, Steve can help you to gain the critical confidence to excel in social or professional settings.

Tastings will be held at various times, and with varying groups. Cost is determined by the wine selection, but an average tasting will consist of US$150 worth of wines and a brief cooking demonstration followed by lunch, all starting for only US$25 (depending on the wines being served).

Sign up today, classes limited to 10 people.


Wine Pairing Dinners


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Imagine enjoying a seven course food and wine pairing dinner, prepared right in front of you by a classically French trained chef who has been to over 100 countries and is incorporating flavors from around the world. Each dish is married to the perfect wine to enhance the experience. Taste up to US$250 worth of wine and enjoy seven courses of International Fusion Cuisine starting at only US$50 (depending on the wines being served).

Seating is limited and events will only be held once a month. Sign up now for this exclusive opportunity.




“Nobody suffers at my table” - Chef Stevie

Every event is tailored around those that attend. No matter what your preference or restriction, every effort will be made to accommodate you.

Only the Best

Unlike restaurants that have to prepare the same food everyday, Cuvée events are a one time affair, ensuring that all of the food is perfectly fresh and made just for you.

“He can do no wrong” - Bon Appétit Magazine

Stephen Reiss is renown for making the seemingly complicated world of wine easy to understand and learn.

Have Fun

We take our wine tastings seriously, but that doesn't mean you can’t enjoy them at the same time. Come to learn, to make new friends, and to smile!

In 30 years no two menus have ever been the same. You will always have a unique experience. One of the most exclusive dining events in the world, as never more than 10 people ever share a menu.